Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's in a dress?

I am pretty sure everyone likes their little girls dressed in pretty dresses. Who wouldn't? A pretty dress makes a little girl look... well, girly, special, innocent... I don't know... It's so difficult to find proper pretty dresses for girls these days... I know they grow up fast, I know they get them filthy when running around in the playground... but still, there are so many special occasions when they can wear a pretty, girly, floaty dress... That's the joy of having a baby girl, isn't it? What's the point of having a baby girl if you are going to dress her like a tomboy? Nearly every expectant mum longs for a baby girl so she can dress her up in pretty flowery numbers...
And then you go to the High Street looking for that special dress for your little bundle of joy... and what do you find? Black skirts with skulls all over? I have seen these in a shop, for very young girls... why? Won't they have time to become sulky teenagers in a few years time? Why start treating them like that at the tender age of 3?
A dress is a dress, and a girl will always look like a little girl in a dress, not like a mini-teenager. And I am not talking about pink, frilly dresses. I am talking about stylish, not too girly, beautiful dresses, for every occasion. Well, I know, I am a bit biased... That's what I do for a living... I source those beautiful dresses all over Spain. I choose from among hundreds of models. I bring them over to the UK, give them names, and get to offer them to the very lucky mums who access our website.
And that's what the essence of Nectarina is. Nectarina offers proud mums the chance to make their little daughters dazzle at family parties and special occasions. Nectarina has brought breath of fresh air to the saturated childrenwear market. Nectarina will make your daughter feel special and unique.
And who doesn't want that for their little girl?

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