Friday, December 12, 2008

Toys, recipes and so on...

I came across a great website today selling very original wooden toys. It's called Charlie Moo's ( ) - Cool name too!
I really love their party bags - so different to what I've seen before... They fill them with very cute little wooden toys (like animal castanets, bouncy balls and wooden whistles). Children seem to love them... I think I might try them for my daughter's birthday....

Some news on the Nectarina website front - we have added a new section called "Baby Recipes". It contains, guess what? home made recipes for your little ones. There are only a handful of them at the moment, but I promise to keep up the hard work and add more as I experiment in the kitchen... All the recipes currently included were very much loved by my daughter. And she is now a very happy and healthy toddler, so I must have done something right! Check them out

And let us know how they go down with your little one!

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charliemoos said...

Thank you for the lovely comments.
Keep up the good work - your site is gorgeous.