Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Special Offers

We have a very good sale on at the moment. An amazing 30% in some of our beautiful dresses and all our coats. And the shoes are reduced too.
And on top of that we are offering a further 5% off to those of you who have become fans of our Facebook page.
How is that?

What's in a dress?

I am pretty sure everyone likes their little girls dressed in pretty dresses. Who wouldn't? A pretty dress makes a little girl look... well, girly, special, innocent... I don't know... It's so difficult to find proper pretty dresses for girls these days... I know they grow up fast, I know they get them filthy when running around in the playground... but still, there are so many special occasions when they can wear a pretty, girly, floaty dress... That's the joy of having a baby girl, isn't it? What's the point of having a baby girl if you are going to dress her like a tomboy? Nearly every expectant mum longs for a baby girl so she can dress her up in pretty flowery numbers...
And then you go to the High Street looking for that special dress for your little bundle of joy... and what do you find? Black skirts with skulls all over? I have seen these in a shop, for very young girls... why? Won't they have time to become sulky teenagers in a few years time? Why start treating them like that at the tender age of 3?
A dress is a dress, and a girl will always look like a little girl in a dress, not like a mini-teenager. And I am not talking about pink, frilly dresses. I am talking about stylish, not too girly, beautiful dresses, for every occasion. Well, I know, I am a bit biased... That's what I do for a living... I source those beautiful dresses all over Spain. I choose from among hundreds of models. I bring them over to the UK, give them names, and get to offer them to the very lucky mums who access our website.
And that's what the essence of Nectarina is. Nectarina offers proud mums the chance to make their little daughters dazzle at family parties and special occasions. Nectarina has brought breath of fresh air to the saturated childrenwear market. Nectarina will make your daughter feel special and unique.
And who doesn't want that for their little girl?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who is not on Facebook?

Facebook seems to be the place to be these days... Do you know anyone who does not have a Facebook page? Well, I do, a few people, but not too many... I seem to find nearly everyone I know there. And they all have so much activity going on all the time... Don't these people work, study or have a life? Don't get me wrong, I think it's a wonderful tool and I do spend some time on it every now and then... But I can't keep up with all the applications, hatching eggs, pets, hugs, booze... Everytime I check I have like a hundred requests from various people for one thing or the other... Honestly, I haven't got time to respond to all of you, so please accept my excuses from here...
But I do think Facebook has great potential for businesses... News can spread like hot potatoes (isn't that another application?). Maybe I haven't taken it too seriously until now, but I have decided to create a Facebook store for Nectarina -
I will be adding pictures of our dreses, coats and shoes, news about Sales Events, competitions, new stock arriving... I think I am going to be veeeeery busy from now on... Competition is tough out there...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Toys, recipes and so on...

I came across a great website today selling very original wooden toys. It's called Charlie Moo's ( ) - Cool name too!
I really love their party bags - so different to what I've seen before... They fill them with very cute little wooden toys (like animal castanets, bouncy balls and wooden whistles). Children seem to love them... I think I might try them for my daughter's birthday....

Some news on the Nectarina website front - we have added a new section called "Baby Recipes". It contains, guess what? home made recipes for your little ones. There are only a handful of them at the moment, but I promise to keep up the hard work and add more as I experiment in the kitchen... All the recipes currently included were very much loved by my daughter. And she is now a very happy and healthy toddler, so I must have done something right! Check them out

And let us know how they go down with your little one!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are part of the Mums Club...

Any mummy thinking of opening her own business or already running one, should check out the great . This is a very inspirational website, full of other mums like you (and me!) who have already taken the plunge and are combining successful home based businesses with looking after their little ones.
What is good about Mums Club is that it provides new business ideas and opportunities to work from home, business tips and a very lively forum where you can meet other mums in the business.
Nectarina is now a premium member, and we can be found in their Marketplace. We are also part of their new venture, the Mumpreneur Directory ( ), a directory full of businesses exclusively run by mums, with everything from Clothing and Fashion, Jewellery and Books to Franchise opportunities.
Find us on .
Have a look and tell us what you think! Do you think a website like this is useful for business mums? Would you use it yourself?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to Nectarina Blog!

Hi all and welcome to our brand new blog!

At we want to keep up with the new Technology, and we thought having a blog would be ideal to keep in touch with our existing clients or anyone with an interest in girl’s fashion. We are very excited with the project and we hope to get lots of feedback from you. Comments, ideas, testimonials... anything you want to share with us! We are also happy to publish pictures of your little ones wearing our gorgeous clothes, so do not hesitate to share with us!

Here is for a long, happy relationship!

The Nectarina Team

Nectarina - Dressing Girls like Girls

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